Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation Privacy Policy

Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation Ltd, hereafter and throughout this website represented as LMG or Lazer Marble, maintains an individual’s right to privacy.   Lazer Marble & Granite certifies that a user’s identity: full name, address, date of birth, nationality, telephone number and any other personal information will never be exchanged in any manner to any 3rd party entity without the user’s prior notification and/or consent. 


By opening an LMG account or utilizing the website and its cookies, you give your consent to the gathering, compilation and use of this information by  Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation as detailed in this privacy policy.  By providing your contact information, you agree and consent to be contacted by a Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation representative with information pertaining to our products and services.  Contact entails but is not limited to:  telephone and email communications, promotional emails and/or by post mail. 


Please be advised that the information contained on Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation’s website is not intended to be an offer, a recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell products or considered as such or for transmission in any one particular country nor does Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation target any particular members of the general public or any companies located in any specific country where transmission over the internet would be contrary to local regulations. 


Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation employees will not make unsolicited sales calls nor follow up calls unless specifically consented to by an individual.  Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation will not solicit users but only answer to their questions, call them back in this regards and support users in regards to their interest in purchasing products with Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation.


Personal Information

Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation will not sell, license, lease or in any way disclose information to any 3rd policy unless required and enforced by law or a regulatory or supervisory authority having jurisdiction over Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation. 


The information collected by  Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation is primarily given by users to Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation.  This information in conveyed through the use of cookies with your browser, the use of tracking analytics for our own optimization purposes, or through information you enter in your interactions with the website.  Information is anonymously and indirectly collected by LMG and other companies, such as Google, through the use of cookies. 



Cookies are small data files containing information that allows Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation use to track web visitors and their interaction with Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation web material.  The use of cookies by  Lazer Marble allows us to track a user’s interaction with our website, banner advertisements and text advertisements across the internet.  This information is then aggregated to offer insight into effective marketing and optimizing our web content to user preferences. 


SSL Technology

Lazer Marble & Granite Corporation protects your personal information through the implementation of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology in the event that you submit payment information through our website. This system protects the users of our website from having information intercepted by third parties.



For questions, comments or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at: